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Sunday, April 6, 2014

I'm Hurt.


hey there. don't know what to say but 'terpanggil' utk update blog. yeah, maybe that's the way on how i can express my feelings well. by writing. 
sbb tak semua people in this world yang boleh menjadi penulis yang baik kan. including me as well. but you know, some people like me intends to write on the notes when getting mad and hurt. the way untuk hilangkan feeling marah tu semua kot daripada tersimpan and terpendam in my heart. 

well said. i don't know what's going on right now?
 sometimes we like bestfriends, but sometimes we like strangers. 
why? i don't know. 

and i'm always telling myself, why i'm still here? loving him so much. but how about him? 
and yeah, you should know that. i'm used to it. seriously. 
but smpai bila kan? i'm hurt. 

nothing much that i can say. 

give up ? i don't know. 
i will pray for the best. for this relationship. till the ends. 
InsyaAllah. dgn redha-Nya. 

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